Golden Eagle Manufacturing Facility Services:

Golden Eagle Cleaning Services provide:

  • A clean, sanitized industrial building, where safety comes first
  • Dedicated and experienced support to handle any cleaning challenge
  • 24-hour operations support and measured inspections

One of the main problems with warehouse cleaning is the sheer size of the space needing to be cleaned. Unlike normal buildings, warehouses are huge in length, width and height. And what’s more, it is apparent that some of the areas that require periodic cleaning are not within reach, and most of the time, plain ladders aren’t enough to reach these spaces. 

Warehouse cleaning specialists, however, have special equipment and experience which helps them efficiently and thoroughly clean both accessible and inaccessible areas, thus providing you with a clean warehouse that shows well and looks inviting to prospective lessees. One example of special equipment, essential for warehouse cleaning is the Power Sweeper. This allows your janitorial service to clean large areas of floor with efficient use of time. The Power Sweeper is an important tool in managing the sheer size of most warehouse cleaning jobs. It should be clear that warehouse cleaning isn’t just confined to warehouse floor washing and sweeping or cleaning the most obvious exposed surfaces. Just some of the wide variety of different services that a warehouse cleaning specialist can provide include:

cleaning windows, skylights and ventilation systems   • cleaning of inaccessible ceiling areas     • stain removal     • floor polishing     • floor washing and sweeping


Cleaning Services for Industrial Complexes

Fortunately for you, Golden Eagle Cleaning Service is one of the area’s most experienced warehouse cleaning specialists. We have the people, equipment and experience to get your warehouse move-in ready quickly and correctly the first time.Cleanliness in a factory might be something that is taken for granted or not a priority worth major focus. But studies show that potential clients consider cleanliness when choosing vendors, not just production capabilities. The cleanliness of a factory is an extension of the overall brand image and should never be ignored.

Golden Eagle provides consistent industrial cleaning and janitorial services to large and small facilities with critical needs. From nuclear power plants where security is a top priority to industrial and manufacturing sites where safety rules, Golden Eagle has the cleaning experience, support and track record that you demand and deserve. To ensure safety and security, Golden Eagle franchise owners and employees are subjected to background checks based on client requirements and provided additional safety training as needed.

Your facility puts safety at the top of the priority list. We do too. Customized to fit your needs, Golden Eagle Cleaning Service employees are required to complete hours of initial and ongoing training to ensure our services result in a safe and clean environment.