It’s best clean carpets on a regular basis. We have all the necessary equipment to clean office carpet easily, even when it comes to getting out stubborn stains. Carpets that receive a lot of wear require a thorough and daily vacuuming to prevent dirt and soil from becoming ground into the carpet fibers. We offer many different methods to clean carpets:

Absorbent Pad

The Carpet is pre-sprayed with a detergent solution; a rotary floor machine fitted with a special soft absorbent pad that goes over the sprayed areas to absorb surface soil and gives the carpet a uniform appearance. This method is used as an interim or primary cleaning method.

Spot Cleaning

We have a spotting kit which allows the cleaning technician on site to be prepared to remove certain types of soiled areas on the carpet fibers. There are times when the spot removal methods do not always totally remove the stains and will only lighten them on the surface and usually restorative cleaning is required.

Water Extraction

Hot water containing a cleaning product, is injected into the carpet and followed with a vacuum that extracts soil. This approach works best with high temperature, good chemical concentration, and proper pre-spray solutions. This process is usually used as a restorative cleaning method.

Rotary Shampoo

A rotary floor machine, nylon bristle brush, and solution tank is used for this process. The chemical solution is fed through the machine and down through the brush and worked into the carpet. Best followed with the hot water extraction method because the suspended soil is then removed from the carpet fibers. 

Dry Foam

The carpet cleaner applies shampoo to the carpet, which allows it to dry, and then without rinsing, we use a vacuum to remove the dried shampoo. The foam is produced before hitting the carpet, worked in with the brushes and then extracted with a vacuum system.

Absorbent Compound

This system uses an absorbent particulate product that is impregnated with cleaning solutions and solvents. The powder will release the chemical cleaner into the soil, which is then emulsified and suspended. The powder sets between 15 minutes to 1 hour and then the carpet is vacuumed.